Q&A: Mad Men’s Janie Bryant

Mad Men costume designer and Maidenform wardrobe specialist Janie Bryant talks shapewear at the Oscars.

Q. What is your favourite part of Oscar time?

A. Seeing who is going to win for Best Costume Design

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Q. Maidenform is an instrumental part of the Oscars suite at the Four Seasons-how does the fitting and gifting process work?

A. Maidenform has become a great resource to celebrities and their stylists when it comes to shapewear! The Oscars suite will offer shapewear and intimates for all those gowns that you’ll see on the red carpet!

Q. What are your top tips for Oscar/Red Carpet dressing?

A. Wear the proper shapewear with your gown. It makes all the difference in world.

Q. Who would you most like to dress at the Oscars?

A. I would love to see my designs on Berenice Bejo

Q. What do you think will be the biggest trend on the Red Carpet?

A. I really can’t predict the trends but I love to design gowns with luxurious jewel tones, or intricate beading and embellishments. I also love designing gowns made of lace, especially in unpredictable colors like reds, pale blues, lavender and greens.

Q. It is Maidenform’s 90th Anniversary- how do you feel the brand has influenced the lingerie industry over the years?

A. Maidenform has been innovating for 90 years and they are not stopping now. From the patent for the first uplift brassiere, inventing the bra strap fastener (a design still used today) to introducing two way stretch foam in their One Fabulous Fit bras. Maidenform continues to be at the forefront. Look for some amazing new introductions including their Instant Slimmer collection that reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Q. What are your hot picks from the new Maidenform 90th Anniversary Collection?

A. The 90th Anniversary Collection is something that I am very excited about. aidenform and I have designed a collection that is chic and fashion forward, incredibly luxurious and very sexy with gorgeous vintage details.

Q. The Oscars is a great way to start the celebrations for Maidenform’s 90th Anniversary- What else have you and the brand got planned for the year?

A. The introduction of the capsule collection that Maidenform and I have designed will definitely be exciting. We’re kicking this off at the Oscar’s Suite. Later on in the year you’ll see a 90th anniversary collection as well. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating 90 years of being iconic, inventive and irresistible!

Q. What is your favourite film?

A. Do you mean for this year’s Oscar’s? Absolutely The Artist!

Q. Who is your favourite actress/actor?

A. Modern Day Actor – Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig. Modern Day Actress- Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara.

Q. Do you think celebrities are now more open about shapewear on the red carpet than they used to be?

A. Yes, absolutely, I think they understand the importance of how shapewear can not only smooth, shape and contour but it makes your clothes look better, it can make you feel more secure, have better posture and help you feel more confident.

Q. What is your favourite nightspot during Oscars?

A. At home on the couch with my husband and standard poodle Lucie but, if I’m forced to go out, the Chateau Marmont Hotel.



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