Q&A: Esteem – No Pause launches nightwear for menopausal women

Esteem – No Pause offers the solution to drier, more comfortable nights for menopausal women, using high performance fabrics to create stylish designs that your customers will actually want to wear, as director Jane Hallam explains.

What inspired you to launch a nightwear brand for menopausal women?
My inspiration came from the desire to find a stylish and effective clothing solution to a problem that 75% of women experience at some point during the menopause – night sweats. Searching the depths of the internet for nightwear that would keep me dry/drier during periods of excessive perspiration, I became increasingly disheartened. I kept asking myself “would Liz Hurley wear that in bed?”, and with a personal collection of Agent Provocateur lingerie that would make the V&A envious, I could not see myself wearing the shapeless and old fashioned clothing that was available for menopausal women.


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How does the product work?
The clothing is made from a wicking fabric, but unlike competitors, which use natural fibres like cotton and bamboo in their clothing, we use a technical high performance fabric, which is made in Italy. The fabric construction is both fine and open, which allows for the air to circulate. The fabric is quick-drying, there is no pilling so the finish of the fabric is maintained and it has the added bonus of being easy to care for.

How would you describe your debut collection?
The Esteem – No Pause debut collection is a versatile capsule collection with pieces that can be worn alone or layered with other garments. These include vests, slip dresses, pyjamas, palazzo pants and knickers. These garments are suitable for exercising, lounging and sleeping. They are also perfect travel items, taking up minimal space in your luggage.


Director Jane Hallam.

What are your price points?
Price points for the garments are at the high end of the market, reflecting both the quality of the fabric and manufacturing. These price points are comparable with other brands using a similar fabric and we have the added USP of the clothing being Made in Britain.

How have potential customers reacted to the product so far?
We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback through focus groups, fit sessions and by holding an exhibition stand at the inaugural Women’s Equality Party Conference in November 2016.

What are the next steps for the brand?
Initial next steps for the brand include generating interest from potential buyers and customers. Sales from interested parties will facilitate the extension of designs and colours in the collection.
At present, a men’s T-shirt is currently being tested by a potential customer.

There is a minor amendment to be made to the length and I am currently awaiting feedback on performance during wear in different circumstances and washing. I am also currently waiting to hear if I have been accepted onto a DIT/Northern Powerhouse trade mission to Atlanta, a major distribution hub in the USA. Securing investment is the major next step for the brand, which to date has been self-funded.

When will the brand officially launch to trade?
Our launch to trade will be during February 2017, tying in with the Moda trade exhibition and our presence in Lingerie Insight magazine. This will enable me to make contact with buyers prior to and during Moda and hopefully secure orders for production. A brand launch is planned for late Spring 2017 when clothing will be available for dispatch.

Do you plan to exhibit at any other industry trade shows?
At present Moda UK is the main industry trade show that I plan to exhibit to in the very near future, reflecting the versatility of my clothing as lingerie, daywear and nightwear. Others that will be explored as potential exhibitions are: Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris; Curve in Las Vegas; Coast in Miami; and possibly Pure, London. My main competitors are in the US, hence the European and American mix of trade shows.



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