Q & A: Mark Fast talks hosiery

Mark Fast talks to Kat Slowe about his new collaboration with hosiery brand Jonathan Aston.

Where did your inspiration come from for this collection?

The inspiration is the technology of the resources that I am able to use to create beautiful clothes over beautiful women who want to express themselves and be confident in their bodies.

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Why did you want to work with Jonathan Aston?

Jonathan Aston is a very intricate company with really quite interesting lace ideas and I thought it would work perfectly to connect with that.

What was the reason for you use of so much bright colour?

I was in love with this new catatonic yarn effect so I wanted to create something fresh for summer and experiment with new ways of making interesting, cool colour effects over the body.

Who do you see wearing your hosiery?

Millions of women around the world, I think, women who want a little bit of extra drama in their lives.

Did you learn anything from working in this new sector?

It is different resources. Once you get into the kitchen, you can start to cook. I able to cook with a lot of different machines with this collaboration so that has really enhanced my mind.



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