Public says ‘au revoir’ to breast surgery

A new survey by French lingerie label Simone Perele has revealed that 74 percent of men and women prefer a more natural look.

Results showed that the ‘super slim’ silhouette of Keira Knightley and enhanced figure of Katie Price were viewed as less desirable than the feminine curves of the likes of Kelly Brook.

The luxury brand is now challenging women to change their lingerie, as opposed to their bodies, with the results of an internet survey of 1000 people, designed to find out what today’s consumers most desire in terms of body shape.

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The survey looked into how today’s women feel about their own bodies and their aspirations to alter how they look, as well as offering an insight into the pressures they feel from celebrities and their public image.

Results suggested that British women are not easily persuaded by the promises of plastic surgery, with 73 percent of women saying they would turn down free breast enhancement surgery if it was offered to them.

It also appeared that given the choice, most women (58 percent of those surveyed) would opt for clever and effective underwear solutions over surgery.

In light of this, Simone Perele has introduced the new Aura range – reportedly the first to have been designed in consultation with plastic surgeons – which seeks to use technology to provide effective support and enhance the feminine shape.



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