Pub chain reacts to Surrey sports bra scandal

A chain of pubs in Home Counties has taken a swipe at Costa Coffee, which last week banned a woman from wearing her sports bra in its Sutton High Street store in Surrey.

Personal trainer Davina Ward entered the store on Thursday after having finished her ninja skills lesson. She was dressed in her sports bra and leggings when a member of staff told her she would have to cover up or leave the store.

In response, Peter Borg-Neal, the CEO of Oakman Inns, which sponsors Tring Rugby Club, asked all of his thirteen pubs to give a free coffee to anyone wearing a sports bra and leggings on Friday.

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“We happily serve MAMILs [middle-aged men in Lycra] so why discriminate against the ladies? When you’re seeing your friends for a quick cup of coffee, having to dress for the occasion seems to me to be rather missing the point of sociability," he said.

“Costa’s behaviour is frankly a bit silly. By giving a free cup of coffee to people who are wearing a sports bra and leggings we’re showing our support for people everywhere who want to keep fit and stay social.”



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