POWER LIST 2018: Movers & Shakers – Karolina Laskowska, Director, The Underpinnings Museum

Karolina Laskowska is an award-winning young designer in the industry, known for her eponymous luxury label.

In 2017, she launched the Underpinnings Museum, an online museum focused on documenting underwear throughout the ages.

The virtual space highlights the technological, political and cultural shifts that interweave with changes in the roles of women, and subsequently in lingerie, foundation wear and fashion over history, including recent trends.

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It has been comprehensively accessed by brands, designers and retailers for inspiration and content, and is heavily involved in contemporary maker culture in the creative arts, with patterns and instructions for recreating period pieces.

The Underpinnings Museum launched its second exhibition, ‘Lift & Separate: Technology & the Bra’ following a successful crowdfunding campaign, which raised more than £11,000.

Boasting more than 30 rare objects from the 1900s to the 1970s, the exhibition explores how technological advances have affected bra making.

Key exhibits include a couture 1930s Kestos bra, an original Dior 1950s longline bra, 1900s garments and luxury pieces by French heritage design house Cadolle.

The exhibition features nearly 300 images curated by Lorraine Smith, known as the ‘bra master’ due to her academic research on underwear and her Masters in the History and Culture of Fashion from the London College of Fashion.

Extensive contextual information accompanies each picture by renowned boudoir photographer Tigz Rice.

As part of its quest to bring the history of underwear to a wider audience, making collections and research freely accessible online, The Underpinnings Museum is hosting a Twitter conference in 2018.

Academics, researchers, students, designers, bloggers, collectors and vintage underwear enthusiasts have been encouraged to take part and share their knowledge on designing, making, selling, displaying, collecting and researching underwear.

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Company: The Underpinnings Museum
Twitter: @TheUPMuseum
Website: www.underpinningsmuseum.com
Focus: Online museum



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