POWER LIST 2018: Industry Influencers – Joseph Bachman, managing director Calico Ventures

Joseph Bachman is an investor, mentor, innovator and proponent for emerging and mid-size fashion companies.

Since May 2010, when he co-founded the luxury beachwear label Paolita, Joseph has collaborated with over 200 global fashion brands.

His remit with clients is all encompassing – creation and execution of business plans, devising operating budgets, establishing digital marketing, logistics and public relations, as well as project management.

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Most recently, Joseph has been working with international companies to launch their brands into the UK and European marketplaces.

Joseph is a strong promoter of boutique fashion brands. During London Fashion Week 2012-2015, he coordinated off-schedule catwalk shows, giving these labels a platform to showcase their collections.

In 2014 and 2015, he hosted and managed seven runway shows in which 50 clothing and lingerie brands participated.

A year later, he hosted and coordinated a catwalk show for the Prestige London Yacht & Jet event at Old Billingsgate Market. This high-profile event was filmed for Channel 5’s TV programme “Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives.”

Joseph is also a partner at luxury lingerie brand Sonata Rapalyte (pictured). His company, Calico Ventures, collaborated with the brand in 2015 to run the business and increase sales, and within the first 12 months, it had increased sales by 500%, with 40 new wholesale clients.

In 2016, Calico won department store clients in the UAE, Qatar and Japan. The company has also established a network of sales representatives for Sonata Rapalyte in Australia, Japan, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

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Company: Calico Ventures
Address: 83c Ashley Gardens, Thirleby Road, London, SW1P 1HG
Tel: 077236 19270
Focus: Investor and mentor for fashion brands



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