POWER LIST 2018: Industry Influencers – Joanne Stockdale & Helen Richardson, directors, Inspire Intimates

Joanne Stockdale (L) and Helen Richardson (R)

Joanne Stockdale and Helen Richardson are directors of Inspire Intimates, a lingerie, nightwear and swimwear business handling design, development, technical support, merchandising and sourcing services for retailers and brands in the industry.

Joanne had been working as a commercial director for Ballet Lingerie and Helen as the managing director for Ebi Apparel when they set up Inspire Intimates in Harrogate in April 2011. Together, they have more than 40 years’ of lingerie industry experience.

Over the years, Inspire Intimates has grown from a two-person company to a strong workforce made up of experienced technologists, designers, merchandisers, account managers and product developers. And a recent expansion has meant they are now taking on even more industry specialists.

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Inspire Intimates is the hidden team behind much of the lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear available in the UK today, according to designer and creative consultant Bok Goodall, who has worked with Inspire Intimates on several projects over the last six years.

“Walk into most UK high street stores or look online and there will be something they have had a hand in – guaranteed,” she said.

“Jo and Helen both have a love of the industry and product, and they are personally involved with everything that Inspire Intimates works on. They also nurture young talent and are always taking on designers straight from college or university and helping them build their careers,” Bok continued.

“Inspire Intimates is a small team, very focussed, very straight forward and honest. They will tell you if something won’t work, but will always help you find the solution to make it work. Along with the rest of the team, Jo and Helen are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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Company: Inspire Intimates
Address: The Old Library, Bilton Lane, Harrogate, HG1 3DT
Tel: 01423 547 805
Focus: Supplier and product developer





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