POWER LIST 2018: Brand Champions – Renaud Cambuzat, group creative and image director, Group Chantelle

Renaud Cambuzat joined French lingerie company Group Chantelle as group creative and image director in early 2017 to reposition its portfolio of brands, including Chantelle Paris and Passionata.

An experienced fashion photographer and marketing expert, Renaud was brought on board to transform the group’s visuals, graphic designs and tone of voice.

Speaking at Mode City, Paris in July 2017, he explained his role: “We are working on three different levels in terms of brand evolution. The first one is a new photography style, the second one is new graphic designs – so new logos, new fonts, new colours – and the third one is the tone of voice.

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“We are taking a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ approach, so it’s all about trying to be less commercial, more authentic and a bit less marketing-driven. We are trying to bring a lot of creativity, passion and conviction to everything we do.”

The aim of the repositioning is to reconnect Group Chantelle with the global consumer.

“As wholesalers, we used to be really focused on making sure that our business partners would be really satisfied with the images, but this has the potential to disconnect us from the end consumer. So now we are trying to speak to the consumer first, while also making sure that our clients are excited about the direction we are taking,” said Renaud.

“We are trying to think more like retailers and making sure that the imagery is inspiring to the consumer.”
Since his appointment, Renaud has been working on creating new visuals and logos for AW18. These will be presented at Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris and INDX Intimate Apparel in 2018.

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Company: Group Chantelle
UK Address: Southfield House/Broadford Business Park, Shalford, Surrey GU4 8EP
Tel: 01483 300 880
Website: www.groupechantelle.com
Focus: Lingerie and swimwear manufacturing



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