POWER LIST 2017: Movers & Shakers – Stacey Lindsey, design manager, Gossard

Based at the firm’s head office in Nottingham, Stacey Lindsey is responsible for the iconic Gossard designs released to the world every season.

She is tasked with evolving and reinventing Gossard’s classic collections to introduce them to new markets and audiences, as well as creating new fashion ranges which entice buyers and consumers alike season after season.

Over the past year, Lindsey and her design team has been credited with a number of pioneering achievements which are transforming Gossard’s core range, as well as the lingerie market overall, thanks to ground-breaking technology and their signature design style and expertise.

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Glossies Lace launched this season a game-changer for the market. The Glossies original collection remains a best-seller thanks to the unique science behind the range, but under Lindsey’s management, the team has worked for the past two years developing a new spin on this classic.

A year ago, the market was wowed by the reintroduction of the Gypsy range – a best-seller from the 1980s that was later taken out of production. Using archive materials, colour palettes and designs as a base, the team updated this collection for a modern audience. Using the same design references but with contemporary engineering, fabrics and shapes, the relaunched Gypsy range went immediately to Gossard’s best-selling list, and as a result has become a core part of the continuity collection, growing with every season.

Lindsey joined Gossard in 2009 after working as a senior lingerie designer for Intimas. She graduated with a degree in Contour Fashion from De Montfort Univeristy in 2002.

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Company: Gossard
Address: Gossard Limited, The Courtaulds Building, 292 Haydn Road, Nottingham, NG5 1EB
Twitter: @GossardUK
Website: www.gossard.com
Focus: Lingerie and swimwear manufacturing



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