POWER LIST 2017: Industry Influencers – Paul Alger, director of International Affairs, UK Fashion & Textile Association

As the director of International Affairs at the UKFT, Paul Alger works tirelessly to bring together designers, manufacturers, agents and retailers to promote their businesses throughout the UK and internationally.

He graduated with a first class degree with distinction in Modern Languages, Politics and Economics in 1986 and has spent the last 28 years organising trade events and missions to markets including the EU, Japan, the US, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Alger joined the UKFT as executive director in April 2000, before being promoted to director of International Affairs in May 2010.

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His time is spent with manufacturers and designers, advising on export strategy and trade fairs, as well as presenting seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.

Previous seminars have included topics such as selling into Korea, working with agents and distributors abroad to achieve your business objectives and a guide to exhibiting overseas at trade shows.

Alger’s understanding of the different international markets and their specific needs makes him the go-to person for any designer wishing and willing to expand their needs overseas.

He is a regular visitor at Salon International de la Lingerie and Moda and has worked with several underwear brands to help grow their businesses abroad.

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Company: UKFT
Address:  3 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AR
Telephone: 020 7843 9460
Twitter: @UKFTorg
Website: www.ukft.org
Focus: British network for fashion and textile industries





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