POWER LIST 2017: Industry Influencers – Cora Harrington, founder, The Lingerie Addict

Cora Harrington is the founder and editor in chief of The Lingerie Addict, the world’s largest fashion blog dedicated to intimate apparel.

Through her blog, which launched in 2008, Harrington strives to give lingerie the attention and discussion it deserves, in a fashion world that has long been focused on outerwear, accessories and beauty.

The Lingerie Addict is also founded on the idea that lingerie is for everybody, no matter their size, race, sexuality, age, ability, gender or budget.

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“We’re officially a Body Snark Free zone, which means that body shaming comments – of any kind – are not allowed here,” says Harrington. “In a world full of magazines and blogs and books telling you to change who are you are to fit in, I want The Lingerie Addict to be at least one small place that tells people they’re fine as they are.”

Harrington regularly campaigns for greater diversity in the lingerie sector through her blog and social media, and highlights those brands that celebrate the full range of people who wear lingerie.

In April 2016, she teamed up with three fellow lingerie bloggers for a collaborative photoshoot named ‘Lingerie is for Everyone to Enjoy’.

It was a direct response to lingerie ads typically seen in magazines and TV commercials, featuring a fuller-figured woman, a woman of colour, a genderqueer person, and an older woman.

The Lingerie Addict has 72,000 likes on Facebook, 21,000 followers on Twitter and 31,800 followers on Instagram.

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Company: The Lingerie Addict
Twitter: @lingerie_addict
Website: www.lingerieaddict.com
Focus: Lingerie fashion blog








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