Post-surgery brand Vanilla Blush to launch sportswear range

Vanilla Blush, a post-surgery lingerie and swimwear brand based in Glasgow, is on the cusp of launching a sportswear range.

Currently in production, the new collection is expected to be available from this summer and is set to boost the sales of the company’s fashion lines, which account for around 30% of its revenues, reports Insider.

Founded in 2008, Vanilla Blush has grown to become an award-winning business specialising in medical lingerie and swimwear for people who have undergone surgery that has left them with stomas.

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The idea behind the sportswear launch is to create a mainstream collection that is also inclusive of people who have a stoma.

Founder and CEO Nicola Dames told Insider: “That’s quite significant because we are suddenly branching out into the mainstream, whereas most mainstreams start out as mainstream and then branch out into something else.

“We are doing it the other way around. We started as a medical company and we are branching into mainstream, which we will continue to do.”

Dames suffered with bowel disease in her 20s and lived with the condition for many years before making the decision to have life-changing surgery, which removed her large colon.

Post operation, she found that the underwear available to her lacked femininity and so in 2008 the former intensive care nurse embarked on her first business venture.

She launched Vanilla Blush as an online business before opening a bricks and mortar store in Glasgow in April 2014.

Dames will speak at St Andrews Business Club’s Inspiring Women event on March 7.



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