Post-op brand signs deal with US manufacturer

Zuri Lingerie, a designer and retailer specialising in post-operative lingerie and swimwear for women who have undergone cosmetic surgery, has signed a multi-million pound partnership with US manufacturer Dragon Eye Direct.

The deal will see the brand being stocked in mainstream luxury US department stores and boutiques, as well as cosmetic clinics across the country by early 2016.

Zuri said the expansion into North America, the largest cosmetic surgery market in the world, will also see it entering markets in Canada and Mexico.

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The Birmingham-based company launched its first post-operative bra, Butterfly, at Salon International de la Lingerie in January this year and has since expanded into swimwear and sports bras.

Butterfly is a post-operative bra designed to be worn for a minimum of six weeks after surgery.

Zuri founder and investor Faisal Arif worked extensively with surgeons and patient groups in order to design the range of products.

Commenting on the partnership with Dragon Eye Direct, he said: “We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and it’s fantastic that we are now able to provide our services on an international scale, improving the lives of many more women who have had cosmetic breast surgery and helping them through the recovery process and beyond.

“There is much room for growth in such a niche, untouched market, and major retailers are now more interested in such innovative products and opportunities than they used to be.”



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