Police quango spends tax payers’ money on lingerie

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), a Labour qaungo, spent £51.60 on designer lingerie from Figleaves.com.

The purchase was part £6.5 million spending spree over two years on items which included Interflora flowers (£943), a karaoke mic (£55.36), golf kit (£205.30), water-skiing and drum workshops (£5,411.89), and beehives (£1,841.69).

The quango, which is being dissolved next year, attempted to justify its lingerie expenses, stating that the pieces were used to re-enact crime scenes. The beehives were reportedly used to fertilise an allotment at a staff training college

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NPIA chief executive Nick Gargan told The Daily Mail: "It is legitimate and necessary in some cases for our staff to use government procurement cards (GPC) to purchase items connected to their work.

"However, the tough fiscal climate the country is facing today means some spending habits of the past look questionable and done today would be out of touch with public opinion. The NPIA is not unique in this regard."

Tory MP Anna Soubry said: ‘Now we know where all the money went under the last Labour government. What on earth are they doing spending money on beehives and lingerie? It’s outrageous.’






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