Playful Promises shuts down internet trolls over gender fluid model

Playful Promises

A London-based lingerie brand has hit back at criticism over its latest marketing campaign, starring a drag and burlesque performer.

Playful Promises released images of gender-fluid model Violet Chacki (pictured) to promote its Bettie Page collection on social media last week.

But while the decision to use Chacki for the collection was generally well received, the images were met by a raft of negative comments on Twitter.

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In defence of the brand’s decision, a spokesperson took to the social platform to respond to the trolls.

One post read: “Things you need to know about why we chose Violet Chachki to model our new range of Bettie Page Lingerie:

“1. Violet is gender fluid. We did not choose ‘a man’. We chose a gender fluid person that is not represented in the media, and certainly not in the lingerie industry.”

The brand continued to explain the cruelness of referring to someone by the wrong gender term and the need to re-evaluate gender roles within pin-up styles.

Playful Promises added: “Also, you can’t claim to be a fan of Bettie Page without acknowledging that what she was doing at the time was severely frowned upon. If you expect a brand named after her to do things by the book, you’re missing the point of what she stood for.”


One Comment;

  1. Dawn Barber said:

    Good for them. No one has any right to tell a person what gender they should be. Nor should they be able to judge someone on their gender. People from all walks of life can and should be allowed to be the person they want to be without fear of retribution.

    Dawn Barber – Managing Director – UK


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