Playboy Playmate goes wild for Coquette SS13

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year 2006 Kara Monaco and Aspen Brandy Lea are modelling the new animal themed 2013 Masquerade collection from US brand Coquette.

This year’s focus in design was to expand the label’s popular animal line with ‘more adorable’ creature costumes.

Many of the new additions have the traditional romper base made out of printed faux fur – new this season to Coquette – or velveteen and are accompanied by accessories such as headpieces, gloves, and bags.

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Senior designer Elaine Carson: “We have added to our animal line due to the popularity of these fun-loving costumes.

“They are wonderful pieces that are full coverage but offer the option to show more. We have also designed more handbags that will be included with pieces to compliment the look and offer a complete ensemble for the wearer. We’re excited to launch this collection as we expect the handbags will be strong selling features for these outfits."

2012 will also see Coquette expand its range to include costumes such as movie characters and cartoons. The design team has transformed these looks with pinup styling, as well as introducing more detailing and stylized media shots.

“We’ve seen a change in the costume industry in regards to demand,” said Carson. “Moving away from sexy and skimpy outfits to cute and playful, the pieces we are now designing are for those who are looking to dress up as someone from a comic book or a hit TV show, something people can wear out.”

These character costumes have different structural design aspects, which are new to the Masquerade collection.

The design team is now using knit blends that are thicker and heavier, as well as more forgiving and durable, for some of the costumes. Many of the pieces also have reinforced shoulders and hips constructed out of pellon to maintain their shape and give them further definition.

The Masquerade collection’s official release will be at the Halloween & Party Expo in Houston, TX January 19-22, 2013 and will be available June 15, 2013.




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