Pistol Panties to open new boutiques, pop-up shops

Luxury swimwear brand Pistol Panties is planning to open new boutiques in the UK and pop-up shops across the globe, Lingerie Insight has learned.

The British label, which opened its sole boutique in Notting Hill nine years ago, now plans to expand its portfolio.

“We’re looking at locations in Chelsea, so we have a couple of locations in mind, but we haven’t signed anything yet,” said Pistol Panties designer and founder Deborah Fleming.

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“Everybody says having a boutique is so last decade because it’s all about the internet now, but I totally disagree,” she added. “You need to offer a customer experience and you don’t get that online, no matter how flashy your website is. Your shop is like your performance space.”

Pistol Panties is also set to open pop-up locations in key holiday destinations.

“We’re looking at hotels where we’ll open a pop-up shop for a few months. We’ve looked at Ibiza, Miami and St Barts. They are so seasonal, so we could do a pop up in St Barts in the winter, Ibiza in the summer and Miami could be both. I think there’s definitely a future in that,” said Fleming.



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