Peachy Pink designs cellulite busting pants

British brand Peachy Pink has designed a new pant, which in addition to making women look instantly slimmer, also works over 21 days to make their skin more subtle, toned and slim, as well as reducing cellulite.

The results were found from a recent laboratory study carried out by the Spincontrol Laboratory in France and the College of Medicine at Kangwon University in South Korea.

The results showed that of those that used the product, 86 percent of the subjects reported beneficial effects whilst wearing the pants with reference to cellulite reduction and centimetre loss around the waist, thighs and abdomen.

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The results also found that a decrease in thigh and waist circumference of the tested group was found with some subjects measuring a loss of nearly 3cm.

Peachy Pink Pants seek to work with the natural movements of the body and claim to come with a host of health benefits. A patented 3D wave weave fabric exerts a micro-massage onto the skin releasing the active ingredients (green tea, peaches and caffeine) and breaks down fatty deposits and toxins.

Designed in sizes from small to extra large, the pant comes in two colours, black and nude.



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