Parisian start-up develops ‘radiation blocking’ underwear

A new high-tech underwear brand has developed a boxer short designed to protect men from potentially harmful radiation waves emitted from mobile phones.

SPARTAN, based in Paris, claims to have woven silver fibres into cotton fabric to create what it calls an ‘electromagnetic shield’ around the wearer’s genitals.

The brand says that the silver contained in the fabric is also antibacterial, ensuring that the garment remains odour-free.

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SPARTAN was inspired to develop its boxer short, which will be presented at Interfilière Paris next month, after seeing a number of major scientific institutions around the world raising alarms over the harmful effects of radiation.

But the premise that the signals coming from smartphones are having adverse affects on make fertility is yet to be proven.

In 2014, an underwear brand backed by Sir Richard Branson was banned from claiming its products protect men’s genitals from radiation.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint challenging Wireless Armour’s claims and the idea that by carrying mobiles devices on our bodies 24/7 we are “subjecting ourselves to huge amounts of radiation.”

In response, Wireless Armour provided brief summaries of eight studies and three full papers, which it believed demonstrated that mobile phone radiation had a negative impact on male fertility.

But the ASA concluded that “none of the papers that had been provided demonstrated that mobile phone radiation had a proven negative impact on human male fertility”, and concluded that the claims asserting a link between the two were misleading.



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