Paris Hilton splashes $5K on Katy, Miley costumes

Paris Hilton has reportedly spent over $5,000 at LA retailer Trashy Lingerie on Halloween costumes, including a replica of the teddy bear outfit worn by Miley Cyrus during her controversial performance at the MTV VMAs.

The heiress is also said to have splashed out on a custom-made jungle woman outfit similar to that worn by Katy Perry in her “Roar” music video, reports TMZ.

Hilton dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Playboy’s annual Halloween party on Saturday. The silver leotard featured the signature teddy bear sticking its tongue out, with strategically-place ears to cover the breasts.

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She is expected to don the Katy Perry outfit, along with sexy fairy, princess and warrior woman costumes at various events leading up to October 31.




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