Paphitis slams local councils over retail rulings

Boux Avenue founder Theo Paphitis has labelled local councils as “appalling decision makers” when it comes to high street planning.

His comments were made as the government paves the way for local councils to have full control over business rates.

Asked whether council should be allowed to manage funds directly, he said: “Yes they should, but I think local councils have been responsible for some of the worst decision making as far as high streets and planning are concerned, ever.

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“So we know how good they are at running businesses – they’re appalling,” he told Lingerie Insight at the opening of his flagship store on Oxford Street yesterday.

“Local councils have got to get real – if they want a thriving high street and they want employment and they want leisure activities, then they have got to put the infrastructure in and create the atmosphere that leads to success in all those areas,” he added.

Paphitis has previously expressed his anger over the building out-of-town shopping centres and banks and supermarkets on the high street, permitted by local councils.



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