Panache reports Spotify campaign success

Panache has recorded a huge increase in its social media following after launching its #SupportEveryMove digital marketing campaign in January.

Over five weeks, the lingerie label created a workout playlist on Spotify by encouraging women to share their most inspirational workout music through social media channels.

Consumers were also able to share tips, discuss ideas and promote interaction with the Panache Spotify playlist through sharing and likes.

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As a result of the campaign, Panache saw a 115% increase in Pinterest followers, a 66% growth in Twitter followers and a 7% increase in consumers joining the label’s Facebook group.

The campaign was targeted at the UK and USA, with social media results noted for both markets.

Commenting on the results, Jennie Field, head of Marketing at Panache said: “The #SupportEveryMove campaign resulted in a growth not only in social media but in general interactions across the whole Panache brand."

“This was a very effective way to gain further exposure and tapped into a time of year where fitness trends are at a peak. Furthermore it gave us a true insight into our customers and gave them an opportunity to engage with the brand in a whole new way.”





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