Panache develops radiotherapy bra with NHS and Sheffield Hallam

Air pockets built within the bra are inflated to help position the breast.

Panache Lingerie is working alongside Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield NHS Teaching Hospitals Foundation to develop a revolutionary bra that will help to improve breast cancer care during radiotherapy treatment.  

The bra is designed to increase the accuracy of treatment, improve patient comfort and help women going through radiotherapy to maintain their dignity during their treatment.

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The bra will allow for accurate positioning of the breast, Panache said, eliminating the need for permanent pin point tattoo marks, which is currently the only method of accurately positioning the patient under the radiotherapy beam, and also a real concern for patients.

Because of the increased accuracy, the dose of radiotherapy delivered to the heart and lungs as a by-product of breast cancer will also be reduced.

Clare Robertson, Head of Innovation at Panache said: “We are extremely excited to be working with the Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals on this study. This work is incredibly important for patients receiving treatment for breast cancer and we are honoured to be able to bring our 30 plus years of experience within the lingerie industry to the project.”

Prototypes are currently under way and the first patients will be testing out the bra in a clinical setting in early 2017.



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