Oxfam launches Big Bra Hunt

Charity Oxfam has launched the Big Bra Hunt in a bid to raise money to battle global poverty.

The new scheme urges consumers to donate their old or unwanted bras to their local Oxfam shop.

Celebrities Michelle Mone, Helen Mirren, Zoe Ball and Miquita Olicer have already announced their support for the venture.

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The bras will be over sold through the charity’s UK stores or sent to Wastesaver, Oxfam’s recycling facility in Huddersfield.

From Wastesaver, they will taken to Senegal, where they will be sorted and sold via social enterprise Frip Ethique.

The money that the bras raise will go towards addressing poverty in Senegal and around the globe.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, click here to order a free Big Bra Hunt collector’s pack.

The pack includes leaflets explaining the Big Bra Hunt, posters to help volunteers spread the word, bra-shaped invitation cards, a big pink bag to fill with bras, a sticker to personalise the bag and a folder that turns into a treasure chest.

View the video with Zoe Ball below:



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