Ostomy lingerie maker launches ‘make or break’ crowdfunding campaign

Post-surgery lingerie brand Jasmine Stacey Collection has made one last attempt to raise capital and keep the business alive after launching four years ago.

The label, which designs fashion-forward lingerie for women who have undergone surgery that has left them with stomas, stretch marks and scars, has launched a crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise £5,000.

The campaign went live at midnight last night and has already reached 45% of its target with three weeks to go.

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Designer Jasmine Stacey said the campaign is ‘make or break’ for the business.

“While I’m eagerly ready to have you dressed in heaven and oozing confidence, of course, like everything in life, it requires money,” she explained on her crowdfunding page.

Click here to view the campaign.

The funds will be used to enable to production of the brand’s latest collection, develop a menswear range and introduce a swimwear range.

It will also allow the company to develop a blog and devise a series of episodes that explore body image, and produce booklets and brochures that can be circulated across all NHS hospitals, offering an alternative perspective on colostomy or ileostomy surgery.

Jasmine Stacey, who has Crohn’s disease, launched her first collection in 2013, after undergoing an operation that left her with a permanent ileostomy bag.

She missed the lingerie she used to wear before surgery, so she set about looking for underwear to make her feel special.

Jasmine shared her story on BBC Three programme Amazing Humans earlier this year. Click play below.



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