OPINION:The growing importance of the soft cup bra

Eveden sales director Nigel Addison talks to Lingerie Insight about why demand for soft cup bra’s is growing and how Freya has introduced the product into its Deco range.

“The importance of soft cup bras is growing. Traditionally soft cups are targeted at only a few consumer groups but this is changing. Feeling lighter and softer on the skin they have always made an ideal choice for new mums and mums to be who don’t want to wear heavy non breathable bras.

However, soft cup bra styles are a key style for consumers who are looking for comfort, freedom of movement and a bra which they can wear all day without worrying about the discomfort of underwires digging in.

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Soft cup bras are perfect for every stage in a woman’s life; a soft cup bra can be worn through the adolescent years as the breasts develop, during and after pregnancy, they are also suitable to wear after breast surgery or just when you want comfort and support without the wires. In particular, foam moulded soft cup bras offer a light feel yet they are still supportive.

The launch of a good large cup size soft bra is long overdue. There’s always been a bit of stigma around soft cup bras, traditionally associated with being un-flattering, really covering and not giving the best shape. We recognised many women were struggling to find a good soft bra, especially those with a large cup size and we wanted to address this and introduce an incredible soft cup that’s fashionable, young and fresh, making a soft cup an option for everyone who wants to wear one.

Since its launch in back in 2009, the Deco range has been our best selling Freya collection and a hit with all our stockists and customer’s season after season, style after style, whether it is the moulded plunge, strapless or half cup, Deco works! Feedback and sales have assured us women love the great shape, smooth cups and perfect fit whether they are a 28 or 38 back, B to GG cup. Launching a Deco soft cup made perfect sense and was the next obvious development for the Deco range to expand into, giving customers with a large cup size the chance to try a soft cup too.

We believe the Deco soft cup will excite across the ages including young people who are perhaps looking for something more comfortable or even a first bra style. Since revealing the Deco soft cup, the response from everyone has been really exciting and encouraging, with women who never dreamt of wearing a soft cup before announcing they want to try it out. This is the only bra of its kind which currently goes up to a G cup, so we’re certainly looking forward to see how demand grows!”



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