OPINION: The Future of Shapewear

With so many different shapewear brands on the market today and so many different styles to choose from how can we know which ones really work and which silhouettes actually shape the areas we want to target?

If you are only just turning your attention to shapewear it can be slightly overwhelming, faced with a plethora of product that may all look quite similar and all claim to do the same thing. The tendency could be just to choose the brand you have heard of but that would be a big mistake… there are more pressing considerations than which brand has the biggest marketing budget.

Shapewear has been growing at huge rates for some five years now; it has been both recession proof and markdown proof. Offering retailers fewer sku’s and higher mark ups than tradition lingerie, retailers who backed this product group have enjoyed enormous profitability and return.

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Gone are the day s that shops and stores have a single rail of shapewear pushed embarrassingly to the back of the dept, we should now all treat this product group with the respect and space that it warrants, let’s see a Department of shapewear in every store. Be proud of it as it will deliver…

Let’s look at the brands that have built the UK market to where it is now: – Miraclesuit offering cut & sew extra firm technology where you will drop a dress size in 10 seconds. Flexees offering a wide array of garments that sculpt & smooth. Body wrap, Trinny & Suzanna and Spanx , offering that Santoni manufactured seam free stitched technology, affording everyday comfort, smoothing and medium body compression.

One thing they all have in common is everyday shapewear in Nude & black, maybe a tiny bit of white if we are lucky. Why do they do this well? It’s because these are the colours that sell by far the best, but what comes next & where do we look to the future to understand and predict where this rapidly evolved category is going to maintain its rapid growth for the next 5 years. The USA? Well no, I don’t think so. I think we need to look in our own back yard and turn to Europe. It’s fashion shapewear, it is colourful, trend driven and you guessed it, great to look good in too.

Now, let’s be clear, we may well have to compromise results & performance to get the right fabrication and appearance in Fashion shapewear but the brand that can achieve all the demands would indeed be the winners for the next decade. Good luck everyone!.



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