OPINION: The Duchess effect on hosiery

INVISTA marketing account manager for hosiery, Claire O’Neill, talks about the ‘Duchess effect’ on hosiery.

Sheer nude tights have never been so on-trend, thanks to the ‘Duchess effect’: fashion’s new buzz word used to describe the influence the Duchess of Cambridge has on the style of the nation. Rarely seen out of her signature nude tights, the resurgence of this once famous fashion faux pas has been nothing short of phenomenal. British retailers are reporting soaring sales, in some cases by more than a third compared to 2010,* and the market is continuing to grow.

Sheer tights, which have always held the largest share in the hosiery market, have traditionally been the stalwart of office wear; this is now set to change with sheer tights becoming a fashion staple amongst younger consumers. Some brands and retailers have responded to this trend by increasing their sheer hosiery ranges and also offering a broader range of shades to match various skin tones. The new ultra sheer 5 and 7 denier tights are ideal for Spring/Summer and can give a flawless look to your legs.

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With legs being a real focus, this season, INVISTA is collaborating with renowned psychologist Honey Langcaster-James on a study to decipher the ‘language of legs,’ helping women understand how legs can be the key to confidence.

We have learnt from a large independent Global Consumer Survey** that consumers have quite a long list of requirements for their hosiery, including excellent fit, comfort, shape retention and no bag and sag. Hosiery that does not ladder was also a much requested attribute – 81 percent of consumers responded that this was very important to them and we believe that hosiery made with LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre could give women just what they want.

Why is LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre different? Firstly, it is a patent pending fibre innovation with excellent run-resistant properties – which prevents scratches from turning into unsightly ladders. Women can be assured of the long lasting fit – garments won’t distort and the fit will not change even after washing. We know that comfort is a key, must-have ingredient and hosiery which contains LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre can deliver.

LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre can now be found in many leading hosiery brands and retailer own-brand sheer hosiery products. Just look for the logo next time you are purchasing your tights so you can look flawless and elegant, and have the confidence that your hosiery will not let you down whether you are a princess or not.”

*Marks and Spencer sales data from 2010
** Global Hosiery Gap Analysis, Strategic Insights, 2011.



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