OPINION: Men, lingerie & cultural perception

Fox & Rose co-founder Amanda Lorenzani talks to Lingerie Insight about the shifting buying habits of British men.

There has been a cultural shift in the last few years in the UK. Men have become well versed when it comes to buying designer lingerie: they know their partner’s measurements, can purchase two to three times a year and are more likely to experiment with the latest fashion trends. This was revealed in a recent study undertaken by Fox & Rose after anecdotal evidence suggested that the traditional perception of British men struggling to buy lingerie was no longer holding true.

40 percent of our customers at Fox & Rose are men and they spend a lot of time researching brands, styles and sizing, as well as asking questions on what to buy. We decided to ask a cross section of European men some leading questions about their lingerie buying habits and it revealed some telling trends. British men for example emerged as fearless in their lingerie choices, often opting for high fashion prints by designers such as Stella McCartney or strong styling from labels like La Perla.

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They are also asking the right questions, like how lingerie sits under clothing and what it could be worn with. We’ve been surprised by the number of British men who are fluent in the difference between styles such as soft bras, balcony bras or long line bras, painting a very different picture to that commonly imagined. Many women prefer to receive pretty, feminine lingerie over strong red or dominatrix styles and British men seem to understand this instinctively.

Couple this with an increase in purchases due to a gloomy economic climate – what I like to call the ‘Silk Rush’ effect – and a new generation of confident, fashion conscious men buying designer underwear that women actually want with ease has appeared.

The effect of recession can also not be underestimated. When bonuses are cut and income is not quite so disposable men are turning to the smaller luxuries in life to spoil their women with. It’s another trend we’re seeing at Fox & Rose as customers choose to invest in higher value luxury lingerie pieces over functional everyday underwear. Opting for a sumptuous flash of leavers lace coupled with top quality silks as opposed to traditional high street brands has provided a much needed pick me up in recent times for British women. And thanks to the great taste of our men, we’re finally enjoying gifts that we actually like!




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