Online museum to chart the history of lingerie

An online museum dedicated to the evolution of lingerie through the ages is set to go live later this year.

The Underpinnings Museum will showcase and document historical underwear from 1880 to present day, with high-quality photographs capturing each object in exquisite detail.

The museum is the brainchild of award-winning lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska.

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Her aim is to create an invaluable community resource that is free and accessible to lingerie lovers, fashion students, historians and home sewers.

“Whilst high profile exhibitions on the history of lingerie hit the headlines in Paris, New York, Sydney and now London, lingerie lovers can struggle to find in depth information and analysis of garments,” she said.

“The Underpinnings Museum aims to satisfy this desire by offering free access to all, with high-quality photography capturing the garments in exquisite detail. Each object is accompanied by extensive technical and historical contextual information.”

Joining Laskowska is Lori Smith, known in the lingerie community as ‘The Bra Master’ due to her academic research on 20th century and 21st century underwear, and Tigz Rice, a photographer specialising in lingerie with a vintage aesthetic.

Initially self-funded, the museum’s Kickstarter campaign is targeted to raise £6300 to cover the costs of acquiring period-specific mannequins to display garments on, high-quality studio photography, exhibit research and crowdfunding merchandise to ensure its continued success.

The campaign is due to launch 30th September 2016 and will last for 30 days.

Backers will have the chance to pledge funds towards the campaign and in return receive rewards such as postcards, knickers, art prints, custom-made lingerie and exclusive digital content.



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