Nude tights reclaim the word for non-white skin

A range of ‘nude’ tights for women with darker skin tones have been launched by new fashion brand Brun et Noir Hosiery.

‘Nude’ is used in fashion as synonymous with white skin, but Brun et Noir is offering ‘invisible’ hosiery in six shades of brown.

Founder Buki Adegbuyi told Lingerie Insight: It is a gap in the market that causes such frustrations I must tell you, as nothing on the market ever seems to be the ‘right match’. So, I am really excited by the great skin-tone like shades we’ve been able to produce.”

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Adegbuyi and her team spent two years trialling shades and textures before launching the collection.

She added: “Our tights are manufactured in the UK which we are very proud of and I worked closely with my manufacturers to come up with the original shades produced. As a start up, we have had to pace ourselves, so have initially created six shades, which we believe covers a very broad range. We are working on extending not just our shades but also the sizes and styles available.”




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