Nightwear is 'no longer a gift-driven business'

The trend for nightwear crossing over into outerwear will continue into AW15, offering new and exciting growth opportunities for brands and retailers, leading designers suggest.

The lines between sleep garments, day wear and even active wear have become increasingly blurred, meaning that consumers are more likely to buy nightwear for themselves, throughout the year, rather than as a gift for Christmas and birthdays.

Speaking as part of industry debate hosted by Lingerie Insight, Trudy Pijnaker, manager of operations for Leg Avenue and Seraphina said nightwear is no longer a gift-driven business.

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“Consumers now buy nightwear throughout the year. Women see buying fashionable, feminine and comfortable nightwear as a treat,” she said.

Cyberjammies brand director Mark Tweed agreed and added: “Outside the obvious Christmas and Mothers Day peak, we’ve definitely seen a general uplift throughout the year. Last year, November and December accounted for 40% of our annual direct sales, whereas in previous years this figure was as high as 60%.

“For this year, the first four months of the year have seen direct sales up over 50% on the previous year. To us, this does appear that customers are making more “self-purchases” outside of Christmas.”

Cyberjammies is finding that consumers are increasingly buying jogger pants as yoga clothing and camisoles and shorts as beachwear.

“The lines between loungewear, yoga clothing, sportswear and nightwear have really blurred as customers are deciding how they want to wear their outfits,” added Tweed.

Marjolaine director general Stéphane Guerin said retailers should capitalise on this behaviour to increase their sales.

“Retailers can push the sales of nightwear by encouraging consumers to use the product in different ways. For instance, a nightdress can be worn at bedtime, but the same product can also be worn as a slip under a smart suit. By offering these multi-use ideas, I think the retailers will be able to sell more nightwear.”



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