New Wolford CEO sets out his vision

Ashish Sensarma, the new CEO of Wolford, has described the brand as a “gold mine” waiting to be discovered.

Speaking at a press conference in Austria last night, he hinted that Wolford had been tight-lipped about its new products and company strategies in the past, and vowed to turn this around by building brand awareness.

"It’s going to take a while to get the image out there,” he said. “But it’s my ninth day and I just see incredible potential for this brand. It’s a hidden jewel, if I may say so.

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“Wolford is absolutely about purity; it’s a pure brand couple with innovative technology and for me, it’s a gold mine to be discovered, and my job as CEO is to ensure that I build a business as big as the brand is,” he added.

“I’ve been here nine days and I have learned one thing; our biggest journey is for each consumer to experience the unforgettable touch of Wolford.”

Sensarma was joined at the press conference by new creative director, Grit Seymour, and deputy CEO Axel Dreher, who spoke about Wolford’s strategic refocusing over the last 18 months.

“Just over a year ago we communicated that we needed to turn around the business and the main goal was to get back to profibility. If you look at the first half of 2014, even though our revenues dropped by 3%, we reached our target to at least get to a blank zero in our EBIT,” said Dreher.

“In the first phase of our development strategy we wanted to get closer to Wolford’s DNA and in this we focused on the adjustment of our product portfolio and sharpened our collection statement. We also emphasised our market communication and our imagery is now at a level that it was in the past."




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