New WI-FI bra wows women

Playtex has the published the results of a consumer survey on its new Tonique Contour WI-FI bra.

The research was conducted independently amongst 30 women, aged 40 to 60 years old, during a month long trial in November, 2011.

The survey saw three quarters (70 percent) of women agree that the new Playtex Tonique Contour bra takes years off the look of their busts – with one in five** finding their bust looked up to 10 or more years younger when wearing the bra during an independent trial.

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In total, 80 percent of women thought the bra gave them a better-shaped bust and 90 percent found the bra comfortable.

The new ‘WI-FI’ bra features an innovative technology that supports the bust and enhances its shape using a patented Flexi–Support Panel.

The curved panel, made of flexible plastic, replaces underwire to lightly support the sides and underneath of the bust. By sitting on the breast tissue itself and distributing support across the wide panel, the result is reportedly a younger looking bust without the discomfort of underwires.

Playtex marketing manager Marica Carleschi said: “Tonique Contour is the bra women everywhere have been waiting for. The unique new Flexi-Support Panel has been developed by experts at Playtex to shape and support women’s busts like never before. The result is a younger, firmer looking bust and enhanced silhouette, with maximum comfort but without underwire.”

Debbie Bowden from East London, who took part in the trial of Tonique Contour, added: “The moulded support of the Tonique Contour bra gives a lifted shape to my breasts and a better look to my figure altogether. I have avoided underwired bras in the past as I find them uncomfortable so it was great to find a bra that supports without underwire. It is definitely the best fitting and supportive bra I have ever worn.”



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