New white paper to advise on visual merchandising

London-based consultancy Metamorphosis is set to release a white paper to support retailers with training in visual merchandising.

The paper, entitled 10 Steps to Visual Retail Success, advices boutique owners on getting to know their customers and encouraging shoppers to stay longer.

Speaking at Moda in Birmingham, Eve Reid, director of Metamorphosis and author of the paper said that with 34% of fashion sales now taken in supermarkets, “we really need to step up.”

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“With underwear, there are so many million ways in which I would want to buy it. It might be functional, it might be practical, it could be to impress someone or to cheer myself up,” she said.

“In light of this, there are campaigns and promotions you could use to convey stories in a message that will make me want to fall in love with your products.”

“We can all be visual merchandisers,” added Reid. “We might not be the most creative, or the most logical, or have the history or experience that a visual merchandiser has, but we can definitely commit to getting to know our customers inside out.”

Reid told retailers at the trade show to give shoppers and extra reason to visit and never underestimate the power of a window to pull customers in.

“Think about what the window says about your brand and think about the message you want your customer to take away with them.”




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