New sleepwear study shows regional differences

A new sleepwear study conducted by department-store giants Debenhams has revealed a significant pattern in what women wear to bed and where they live.

The stores sales figures show that the further south you go, the skimpier the night attire.

Women living in London are the least covered up, with 73% of women opting to don underwear or simply go to bed wearing nothing. Whereas those in the north prefer to be completely covered up in long sleeved tops and matching pyjama bottoms, the study reveals.

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Babydolls and sexier sleepwear are the most popular choice in southwest regions, particularly in Devon – which interestingly has the second highest concentration of over 50’s in England.

For 87% of women in the north of the country, perfect sleepwear is a set of flannel pyjamas and some slippers.

Sharon Webb, head of lingerie buying and design at Debenhams said: “From barely there sleepwear to bananas in pyjamas attire there is a strong connection between what you wear to bed and where you live.

“Sleepwear is likely to be bought on impulse, but buying behaviour suggests that the further south you go, less is worn to bed. Pyjama parties in the south may be a little bit more revealing than those in the north, with the sauciest sleepers living in the South West.”

Following the results, Debenhams enlisted the help of Professor Karen Pine a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire to analyse womens sleepwear choices.

Professor Pine explained: “Our clothes are a means of self-expression, and this extends to our sleepwear too. What you wear to bed can say a lot about your lifestyle, your relationship and your personality.

“Paying attention to what you wear to bed is just as important as carefully choosing your day wardrobe. The right sleepwear not only tells others a lot about you, it can also boost your feelings of self-esteem, sensuality and security.”



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