New Mimi Holliday campaign challenges ‘outdated’ lingerie adverts

Mimi Holliday has unveiled a new lingerie campaign for AW17 that celebrates natural beauty.

The new campaign, which intends to challenge traditional lingerie adverts that are aimed at outdated, ‘imaginary women’, features a model wearing minimal make-up and promotes fashionable underwear that can be worn every day.

Founder and designer Damaris Evans said: “So many lingerie campaigns are aimed at this outdated “imaginary woman” whereas the Mimi woman looks great as she is.

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“Our model this season did her own make-up and hair as we wanted her to look how she felt best. Some of the best pictures from the campaign were the first shot, where she was relaxing. I’d like to think that if any of our Mimi women were in that log cabin, wearing this collection they would look just as amazing, not just that “imaginary” person that appears only when you are creating a campaign,” she explained.

Shot in Norway, the new Game collection features an opulent palette of mustard, burgundy and navy, offset with clever and quirky embroidery.

Silhouettes are relaxed, with more non-wired bras and a focus on soft modal loungewear.

Mimi Holliday has also split the collection for buyers this season, with a structured three-tier collection comprising of Mimi Luxe, Fashion Essentials and The Basics.



  1. Jenny smith said:

    Please remind me what is challenging about a blonde sample size model in lingerie by a fire??????????

  2. Charlotte said:

    What a poor PR stunt gone wrong! I like Damaris and Mimi Holliday, but let’s just call it what it is!


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