New LYCRA fibre technology unveiled

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres, will announce a cutting-edge advancement in LYCRA® fibre technology in Paris, this January.

The innovation, called LYCRA® fibre with W Technology, is designed to offer the European fabric industry a new level of performance in an elastane fibre for intimate apparel, offering improved whiteness retention, uniformity and brilliant colour clarity for fabrics and garments.

For the intimate apparel industry, the company claims that this technology will enhance styling flexibility and will be the foundation for both whites and fashion colours.

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It is reportedly ideal for both warp and circular knit fabrics, delivering visible improvements and allowing robust mill processing.

INVISTA Apparel global director of intimate apparel & swimwear Steve Stewart said: “This new product will provide a solution for more attractive garments with higher visual impact, which is especially important for moulded garments.

“In a market where excellent whites and fashion colours are a requirement, LYCRA® fibre with W Technology will be key to providing customers with quality they can see.”

He added: “It will incorporate new spinning, luster, and dye-uptake technologies to make the fibre the invisible secret that delivers truly visible improvements.”

INVISTA will officially launch the new fibre technology at a gala event in Paris in January, 2012.



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