NEW LAUNCH: online boutique for fuller cup sizes

The online boutique was launched yesterday by Novella Yeboah, in response to her own difficulty in finding H-cup bras on the high street.


Yeboah first had the idea seven years ago, but began researching in earnest two years ago, she said. "I went into a large retailer and wanted to get an H-cup, and they said they only went up to a G, and most shops were the same. So it was born out of frustration really."

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The site has a vintage style and is currently stocking products by Curvy Kate and Panache.

"The whole concept with the design was to make it comfortable," said Yeboah. "I told the graphic designer I want people to feel at home, with calm colours. And for now I’ve chosen Curvy Kate, Masquerade and Panache because they have really nice pieces but they’re also sexy. I’m looking for more brands at the moment at Moda and Pure."


Yeboah said she had found it surprisingly easy to find manufacturers making fuller cup sizes, though there was less choice for backs that were 28 and under. "Brands are starting to realise there are a lot of women out there who need larger sizes. I’m currently trying out Ewa Bien, from Poland, which has been getting a lot of attention from bloggers."

Yeboah said early feedback had been good, particularly on the easy-to-navigate design, although with some categories still empty, including swimwear, it is too early to measure the site’s success.



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