Fréolic is a new London-based luxury lingerie brand, designed for the elegant woman with a contemporary spirit. The name Fréolic is an adjective derived from an old English word meaning charming, noble or beautiful. Founder and creative director Evgeniya Kharaim, tells us more.

Lingerie Insight: Why did you decide to become a lingerie designer?
Evgeniya Kharaim: Lingerie is something the world will always desire due to its tremendous emotional impact. I wanted to create something beautiful and meaningful and that is why I chose this industry.

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LI: Where does your brand sit within the UK lingerie market?
EK: As an independent label, Fréolic appropriates the most extraordinary lace and materials the market can offer while keeping the price as fair as possible.

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LI: Where do you manufacture?
EK: The pieces are carefully crafted and designed in London, while the production itself takes place in Europe. All of the materials and components are meticulously sourced in Europe as well. The net and crepe are from Italy, while Prêt-à-Porter lace and rose gold-plated accessories are from France.

LI: What is your current price range?
EK: Prices range from £55 for knickers to £825 for our luxury loungewear pieces.

LI: What are the next steps for your brand?
EK: Fréolic launched at The Lingerie Edit in January. We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received. We would like to continue focusing on our gradual, organic growth with close attention to details. Our goal is to make each and every client happy.