NEW LAUNCH: Cozies sleepwear

Cozies is a feminine sleepwear brand designed in the UK. Launched in July 2015, the luxury label works with both classic and playful styles and adapts them with a hint of modest fashion and an understated tone. 

Here, director Zoe Goffin tells us more.

Lingerie Insight: How would you describe your first collection?
Zoe Goffin: I took inspiration from Cozies’ core colour palette and, from there, I created beautiful soft feminine shapes, which reflected our pastel tones. I’ve taken classic styles and softened the shapes to create modest sleepwear.

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LI: Where are you currently stocked?
ZG: We are available at Grazia Shop (online), Ayla Rose in Cheshire, Question Air in London, Lux Fix (online) and, of course,

LI: What are your unique selling points?
ZG: We are accessible, we use indulgent and luxury fabrics, and we are a clear and transparent brand.

LI: What is your price current range?
ZG: Our prices range between £55 and £120.

LI: What are the next steps for your brand?
ZG: We don’t aim to be the biggest brand, but we do aim to be the best. We strive to bring our customers the best fabrics and styles. We are launching a new signature Valentine’s collection in January and a new season drops at the beginning of next year. The goal is to build the collection steadily, which will enable us to keep within the brand guidelines to deliver beautiful sleepwear. Our downtimes are a time for self-indulgence and I believe they should be celebrated in relaxed style.



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