A new underwear brand has launched in the UK for women with busy lifestyles.

Caught Short has developed a range of ‘panties-to-go’, designed with convenience in mind.

The bikini-style briefs come in individual re-sealable packages that can easily slip into a handbag, desk drawer or glove compartment. The package also allows consumers to carry a discarded pair home.

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Caught Short founder Debbie Bunn said the brand is targeting the fashion, health, fitness and hospitality sectors.

Explaining her inspirations behind the brand, she said: “I was away for a weekend wedding when I needed an emergency spare pair, I hadn’t packed any pants! None were available on the local high street and I had to make a detour to a superstore to buy some.

“There is a definite gap in the market, you can buy a pair of tights in most local pharmacies, garage forecourt shops and convenience stores but not pants? How many times have you been to the gym or for a swim and forgotten a fresh pair? Or unexpectedly come on at work, or stayed over at a friend’s last minute? I set up the business alone and employ freelance experts when I need them.”

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Panties-to-go, made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, carry a recommended retail price of £7.50.

Caught Short has been busy promoting itself in the last 12 months and now hopes to secure lingerie and swimwear stockists.

In February 2015, the label partnered with sportswear brand Charli Cohen at London Fashion Week, offering pairs-to-go in its goody bags.

And in January, Caught Short was named Pioneer of the Week by Virgin Media.

This summer, the brand will partner with Girlmeetsdress.com, a UK-based dress hire service.

Caught Short is currently stocked at the Power Yoga Company and the Friends of Chelsea and Westminster shop.