New CoppaFeel! campaign airs in UK cinemas

Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel has launched its latest campaign, #GetItOffYourChest, with the mission to get Britain talking about boobs.

The campaign, which aims to educate young women and men on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, features a 60 second film that will be aired in cinemas nationwide.

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The film sees CoppaFeel! patrons Fearne Cotton and Greg James, joined by the likes of Giovanna and Tom Fletcher, Countdown’s Rachel Riley, singer songwriter Gabrielle Aplin and comedian Russell, read through a poem, penned by poet Rishi Dastidar, describing some of the lesser-known signs and symptoms of the disease.

Kris Hallenga, the charity’s founder, also features in the campaign.

She said:“CoppaFeel! is about more than discovering a cancer diagnosis. It’s about empowering ourselves to be proactive about our own health, body and wellbeing! We created the #GetItOffYourChest campaign to highlight the lesser know signs of symptoms of breast cancer and encourage people to talk to each other if we feel something is wrong!

“It’s about knowing your boobs; knowing that if you do find something, you know what to do and if found early, you have many options. Put simply, breast cancer does not need to be detected late or be a taboo subject amongst youngsters because when you get it off your chest, it really will be for the best!”

To open up the conversation about breast cancer, CoppaFeel! will be touring the country popping up at festivals as part of their Summer Boob Tour as well as student campuses, colleges and workplaces nationwide with the Uni Boob Team and Boobettes.

The charity will also continue its #BraHijack campaign, which launched in October 2013 to encourage lingerie brands to sew breast-checking reminder labels into their bras.



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