New bra supports without straps

The KewiBra, which utilizes new technology to lift the weight of the breasts and provide total support, will go on sale next June.

Designed to eliminate discomfort and pain, the strapless bra features a pair of inner cups that hold and support the bottom of each breast. The back and shoulders are spared from stress and pain thanks to the design, and the breasts are suspended slightly within the bra, which also is made from a lightweight fabric.

The new design is also ideal for women with uneven busts, as each half of the bra provides a custom fit for each individual breast. The outer cups, which do not hold or support the bust, provide a uniform, flattering appearance, masking asymmetry. The bra also reduces feelings of bouncing during movement and exercise.

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Muyiwa Olumide, creator of the KewiBra, stated in a press release: “Our goal is for women with large bra sizes to no longer have to experience back pain, have to undergo costly surgical procedures or have difficulty finding bras that actually fit, without having to wear an unappealing medical bra. Large breasts are a natural trait, not a medical defect. Our mission is to create the most comfortable bra in the world.”



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