New ’10 Best Things To Do in Harlette’ campaign

Harlette Luxury Lingerie has released the first image from its new ’10 Best Things To Do in Harlette’ campaign, Lingerie Insight can exclusively reveal.

Harlette Luxury Lingerie chose to move around the order of its images’ release as a result of the London Riots, feeling that the timing was right for the unveiling of its Rise Above shot.

Designer Harlette de Falaise said: “The need to for women around the world to feel empowered to rise above the problems that we are facing economically, socially and politically makes this the perfect moment to show how we are grounded and offer support throughout our life time to our partners, our lovers, our communities and to our children.”

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The image depicts two specialists from Virgin Active practicing the art of ACRO YOGA, an activity designed to help give men and women the chance to find harmony, balance and empowerment.

The models are wearing the Leopard Lovers style. The woman is featured in the Femme Leopardess Lover, which includes a Harlette Cami Set (£126) with Micro Short (£110) silk from France Les Tissages Perrin, and lace from France Solstiss, complemented by Harlette silk Cami Set trademark velvet bra straps

The man is featured in the Homme Leopard Lover (RRP: £118), which incorporates silk from France Les Tissages Perrin and stretch black velvet.



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