Neon Moon is scrapping number-based sizing

Lingerie brand Neon Moon has renamed their sizing charts to promote body confidence.

Instead of 10, 12, 14, 16, Neon Moon’s lingerie is available in sizes: Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fabulous and Stunning.

Founder and CEO Hayat Rachi told Bustle: “Most of the time people are reduced down to a mere number on a measuring tape, and at Neon Moon we recognize that so much pressure is placed on people to fit a certain size, a certain norm,”

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“But why not compliment yourself and say, ‘Hell yeah I’m a size beautiful!’ rather than judge yourself on whether you’ve gained or lost inches — it’s about having fun in a body positive way.”

Neon Moon posted its new collection on Instagram saying: “We are so proud to be plus size inclusive. Who said bralettes were for small boobs? Size Stunning has never looked so stunning!”



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