Neon Moon rises thanks to Kickstarter funding

A fledgling British lingerie brand is attracting national media attention thanks in large part to its unashamed promotion of feminism and female empowerment.

Neon Moon, which has raised almost £8000 in start-up funding from the Kickstarter web site, and is supported by The Prince’s Trust programme.

Its founder, Hayat Rachi, says the brand’s mission is to create a lingerie line for young women looking for brand that encompasses their moral values: to love yourself and to love your body.

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“My brand will forever be a haven to feel confident in your own skin and remain positive when life might seem down. My products will hold all the components in the small steps towards contentment and ultimately, female empowerment,” she adds.

Neon Moon’s Kickstarter campaign exceeded its fundraising target of £5000 at the end of March, and has now closed on a total of £7780.

In thanking donors to the fund, Rachi suggested that Neon Moon will swim against the tide of an increasingly sexualised industry. “Your backing of Neon Moon shows the lingerie industry that you too believe in a feminist lingerie brand that unapologetically doesn’t objectify or sexualise girls. You have helped create a body-positive change the lingerie industry and society needs,” she added.

The message is getting through to mainstream media. The Daily Mail featured the brand’s first collection, Mon Dieu, which offers sporty-looking sets that are free from cleavage-boosting padding or wiring.



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