Facebook group Boob or Bust has delivered another blow to Marks & Spencer in a quarrel over the retailer’s bra fitting methods.

Last month, Lingerie Insight reported a response from M&S to an open letter, penned by Boob or Bust, which included feedback from its 17,000 plus followers on the fitting services they had received at M&S stores across the country.

The study found that 70% of respondents had a bad fitting experience in M&S.

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Boob or Bust attributed this feedback to M&S using ‘the old plus 4”’ fitting method, which involves measuring the underbust and adding four or five inches to calculate a back size.

But Marks & Spencer said that this statement is factually inaccurate.

“We have not used the ‘plus 4” method’ for quite some time and the current method for bra fit has been developed in-house by our team of experts and has been in place for over five years,” an M&S spokesperson told Lingerie Insight.

Not content with M&S’ response, Boob or Bust asked its members to go on a mystery shop to determine the accuracy of this statement, and the results are in.

Thirty-five ladies were able to get mid-week appointment across 30 stores and attended wearing a bra they had purchased before joining the Boob or Bust group.

The study found that 32 out of the 35 women had four or more inches added to their underbust, with the other three going up four band sizes (eight inches).

“We were happy to be proved wrong, but unfortunately all the ladies who went on a mystery shop had inches added to their underbust,” said Boob or Bust in a blog post.

Some of these asked their fitter why they were doing this and the most common response was “because that is what we do”, according to the Facebook group.

“If M&S have a new fitting technique in place, it looks like they forgot to tell their fitters for the past five years,” Boob or Bust added.

M&S also responded to Boob or Bust’s claim that they don’t stock enough bra sizes.

“We offer 113 different bra sizes from a AA cup through to a J, and many of our ranges come in 44 different sizes,” the retailer said.

But Boob or Bust’s mystery shop study disputed this claim.

“At least one of the fitters in Silverburn, Glasgow, was honest with mystery shopper and said that she wouldn’t be able to help fit her because M&S stock a 38J in store (she actually needs a 34M), and she would be better off trying Bravissimo,” the group said.

“We appreciate M&S can’t stock bras for everyone, but if they honestly measured and didn’t try and cram women into bras that are too small it would vastly help improve their reputation.”

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Boob or Bust has invited M&S to discuss the study.

“We have all the dates and times of the fittings should you wish to verify the data, M&S. We would love to talk to you further about this – just contact us,” Boob or Bust concluded.