Myabluebeach calls for airbrushing ban

Myabluebeach has announced its support for a new movement within the fashion industry to ban airbrushing and support a positive female body representation in all elements of fashion.

The brand is one of the few fashion labels to support a strict ‘no airbrushing’ policy on any of their brand photography, campaign shots, promotional literature and on-line.

Myabluebeach designer Lindsey Brown said: “I am very strict with my ‘no air brush’ policy on all myabluebeach photography, as we don’t need to [do it].

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“Women of all ages have hang-ups on pictures they see in magazines, and say, ‘but I will never look like that.’ My response is, ‘yes, you can, as we haven’t airbrushed anything at all.’ Our models look fantastic and the feedback we receive from consumers and retailers is that it’s great to see real natural female beauty.”

The brand also claims that most designer and high street brands are based on the typical standard model size 34B, whereas the ever increasing UK bust size is actually a DD or E.

Myabluebeach sample patterns are cut from a sample size 12 and an E cup. Brown has based each design on the logic that if she can’t fit her F cup bust into a Myabluebeach dress or beach kaftan then the average person can’t.

She added: “I try each piece on in my own size, but we have a team of ‘real’ models in every size from an 8 to 18 to trial each design, so I’m confident that the cut of every piece is perfect.”



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